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Suzhou Petrotime Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (PETROTIME) is registered and located in Taicang City, Suzhou City. The company is a well completion downhole tool company integrating product design, research and development, manufacturing, assembly testing, sales and field operation services. The company is committed to using advanced design technology, using advanced production facility and testing equipment, and at the same time implementing advanced and scientific management, as well as all-round quality control to ensure high product performance and quality.

The company firmly believes that "technology is the primary productive force". With the quality policy of "technology as the foundation, quality as the core, management as the means, and service as the goal"; from the four aspects of product research and development, manufacturing, assembly testing, and sales and service, we firmly believe in "making exquisite products and creating a brand that customers can trust". Business philosophy, to create value for customers. The company provides R&D, manufacturing, and technical services of downhole tools for global oil and gas fields. The company provides the best downhole tools and technical services for different types of oil and gas wells, including packers, fluid control tools, safety systems, various others completion tools and services.

All company's products are strictly in accordance with ISO9001 and API-Q1 quality management system requirements, as well as API-5CT casing and tubing specifications, API-11D1 packer and bridge plug product design specifications, API-14A safety valve, API-14L landing nipple and locking mandrels design specification design, development, and manufacturing. All raw materials have passed ISO9001, SRI, SGS and other quality system certifications to ensure that the quality of raw materials meets the specifications.

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Suzhou Petrotime Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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